Monday, December 17

Just A Little Babble

Dalam fasa mengharungi kehidupan realiti yang lebih nikmat dan harmoni.Pulang bekerja dalam seminggu 10 malam hingga 12 malam dan 'bernasib baik' esuk paginya pulang ke rumah tak bernasib baik petang esuknya pulang!Yes that's the best reason for about 6 months not updating the blog.And oh yeah i am now working for-not-very-new architect firm.Acehceh.

Friends are married,getting married,having babies,having a good job.What a life weh. The past getting increases and the future recedes people!You just get into first phase of reality life elly!Tempuhi dengan penuh positivity vibes and less negativity.Surrounding with people more experiences and older [;p] mengajar secara diam how to manage ourself become more mature.

Experiences give you maturity!

Beberapa photo-kehilangan-6bulan-di ;p

Last but not least, I cant get enough for this prize fighter!

"She's a famous architect,like Frank Llyod Wright"


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Adian said...

hidup lebih harmoni setelah gaji double dari blog entry 6 bulan lepas. aahahahahhahahah